Name. is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We work together with our global clients to bring design to their business core. In every project we are constantly pursuing the unattainable perfection.

What we do.

We develop brands with a soul, with personality and only then, we tell their story.
We are a passionate team driven by the desire to create meaningful content in the simplest and most effective way. Our communication solutions balance between strategy and creativity.
We think, design and develop all the materials that a brand needs to reach people. For both local and global, we offer our design services all over the world.


Brand concept.


Visual identity.
Editorial Systems.


UX/UI design.
Tailored Backend.
Mobile Apps.


Print production.
Quality control.

Our method.


To understand is to listen. To listen what you have to say. Paying attention to our client’s needs is one of the most important part of the process. After listening, we will ask you a lot of questions in order to create a detailed brief.


After having the answers to all our questions, we will start to think in which is the best way to solve the project. We believe the idea is the most important part of the process. Good design has strong conceptual foundations.


The idea provide us with all that we need to create any design material that your brand needs. Printed, digital, audiovisual or built, doesn’t matter the platform, we bring design to your project’s core in order to enhance your business.

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The team.

Name. Charlie Zinno.

Charlie Zinno

Name. Sonia García.

Sonia García Quiroga
Lead Designer

Name. Santiago Arleo.

Santiago Arleo
Graphic Designer

Name. Julieta Famá.

Julieta Famá
Graphic Designer Trainee

Name. Jimmy Adaro.

Jimmy Adaro
Web Developer

Name. Rodolfo González Furkert.

Rodolfo González Furkert