The journal.

Spreading our passion for design.

In Name. we love what we do and believe in doing things right. To do it right and do it better every day, we have to stay curious and to constantly learn new stuff. No matter if it’s in brand development, editorial design, photography, web design or Art, we are always interested in knowing what happens in the disciplines that interact with Design.
As a result of this constant curiosity the web (or rather, the users and the content that they generate and share) provide us with a wide range of valuable content. After a long time promising ourselves to start with a blog, finally we decided to go for it.
So we introduce The Journal, a new section in our website in which, through a simple and effective methodology (thanks Bruno Munari), we will generate and share useful content for professionals, students or anyone as curious as we are.









We are a multidisciplinary team and we want to reflect this in our blog. Therefore, the whole team will post content related to what they love to do and their speciality. This is the starting point for an useful space for the community, which will have the primary expectation that our posts answer some of your questions.
Therefore, we say come back soon and… Enjoy. Believe. Create.

* Interested about Bruno Munari? (Check Artsy’s site)