For the love of packaging.

Packaging is at the heart of Tridimage, an Argentina based agency whose unique work has made them one of the most sought after packaging firms in Latin America. What sets them apart is their expertise in what they call "3d branding".
Coming up with the brand identity for a company whose creative chops are above average was exhilarating to say the least. We redesigned their brand image and introduced a new, shortened brand identifier “3di”. The company loved the shortened brand identifier as much as we did and allowed us to include it the other materials we developed for them - posters, letterheads and merchandising.


Brand Development.
Visual Identity.



Hernán Braberman. Executive Design Director.

Bodega Privada. Extra Brutt Champange bottle.

Gondwana. Still water, winner of the Gold A Awards.

Wireframing. Structural Design.

Brugal. Custom crystal decanter.

Conaprole 80 years. Commemorative bottle.

Prototyping. Test, redesign and test.